Your Old School Photos- create your personal archive. Fun for you, and funds for your old school

Class Photo Fund is an online platform to enable K-12 schools to raise funds by selling old class/team/club photos on Facebook.  Our website and Facebook app encourages people to search, find and buy digital reproductions of their old school group photos. 

The Class Photo Fund value proposition is straightforward.  We sell old school group photos for $2.50/download paying $1.00 of every sale to the school listed in the photo and $1.00 of every sale to the person/entity that uploaded the photo (i.e.- PTA/PTOs, Booster Clubs, Student Councils).  

A single old class photo with 20 students in the picture has the potential to raise $40 for a school and takes about 3min to photograph and upload.  An old yearbook has +50 of these old group photos and takes about 2hrs to photograph and upload and can create over $2000 of potential fundraising value for a school.  The ideal target are group photos found in yearbooks from the 1960s,70s,80s,90s,2000s- people with active Facebook accounts.  

When you purchase or upload a photo from Class Photo Fund, you can tick the box and our service creates a dedicated Class Photo Fund photo album within your Facebook profile.  This album is where all of your Class Photo Fund photos will go and it becomes your personal digital archive of all your K-12 group photos. 

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All you need are 3 basic things-
1. A camera or smartphone
2. Old yearbooks (found in your schools library or in the principals office)
3. A little bit of free time (3min/pic or 2hrs/yearbook = 50-70 group pictures)

Four Simple Steps-
1. Take a picture of the group photos in your old yearbook (take all at once to expedite the process)
2. Connect your phone/camera to your computer.
3. Go to and click the UPLOAD PHOTO button.
4. Input info (state, city, school, year, class/team/club info) to make the photo searchable. 

A picture is worth a thousand words- or perhaps $40.  
Since the average group photo has 20 students in it, that single photo represents $40 of potential fundraising value.  Not bad for 3 minutes of volunteer work.

80% of Class Photo Fund Topline revenues are paid to schools with PTA, student council, booster club or alumni association involvement.

Class Photo Fund sets a fixed price of $2.50/photo
downloaded from our Class Photo Fund server.  $1.00 of each sold photo is paid out to the school listed in the photo- your school.  And, $1.00 of each download is also immediately paid to the person/entity uploading a photo. 


PTAs, Student Councils, Booster Clubs & Alumni Associations are ideally suited to provide the resources to upload photos and enable schools to capture the additional $1.00/download revenue given their close proximity to schools, interest in the local community, awareness of its capital needs and the desire to find new fundraising channels for their school.  By encouraging PTAs and Alumni associations to upload photos (which can be done at a rate of 20 photos/hr), schools can capture $2.00 from every $2.50/download. 


Create a Class Photo Fund Campaign for your school…  These $1.00 payouts per download add-up to at least $10,000 fundraising potential for each school-


In a high school with an average graduating class of just 100 students, Class Photo Fund has the potential to enable a school to raise $1200 per graduated class.  If the PTA or Alumni Assn or the school itself are the source of the upload the photos and provides the metadata for each photo, then the school can earn another $1200 ($2400 per graduating class of 100 HS seniors). 


Given the power of Facebook and the interest of people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s to connect with old friends, post photos and share their history, the number of graduating classes creates a large fundraising pool to draw from.  As such, assuming that graduated senior class of 100 example and applying it 40yrs back, the total fundraising capacity for a relatively small high school would be $48,000 (to $96,000, assuming that the PTA, Alumni Assn, or school itself uploads these class photos).


Elementary and Middle schools with 100 student graduating class size implies potential market size revenue to the school from the purchase of these old class photos of approximately $600 per graduating class (plus another $600, if PTA or other school associated entities provide the uploading service).  Assuming 40yrs of graduating classes, Class Photo Fund has the potential to raise $24,000-48,000 for an Elementary school with a graduating class of 100 (i.e. five 5th grade classes of 20 students). 


The market potential for a middle school is somewhere in the range of what we have outlined above for elementary and high schools.  This depends on the number of extra-curricular programs (sports, arts, music, etc) that the school offers.  It is further assumed that each semester students sit for a photo for whatever extra-curricular program they are participating in that semester.  These are the photos that typically represent the core areas of personal interest in a schools yearbook.


Beyond the fundraising potential of Class Photo Fund for K-12 schools, it is also a great tool to build school spirit and rekindle old interests in schools.  Ones old school relationships are the original social network.  Many people prefer to forget about these awkward years, but it is still a part of their fabric and it should be celebrated and perhaps laughed at/about. 


In terms of raising money and how schools allocate their Class Photo Fund earnings, one of the driving ideas remains to associate key investment projects at each school and to use Class Photo Fund as a vehicle to help finance these projects.  As of today, we are only allocating to each schools general fund, but our original idea was that Class Photo Fund proceeds go to specific projects in Art and Sciences, since there are often areas that are first to be cut given the tough economic climate many schools face.  We would appreciate input and ideas from schools so that we can make our service as useful to schools as possible.


Utilize Class Photo Fund’s platform to augment your school’s latest Fundraising Campaign

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