What is Class Photo Fund?

Class Photo Fund was established as a more scalable way for PTAs/PTOs/Booster Clubs and Student Councils to utilize their volunteer base to raise money for their K-12 schools. Class Photo Fund taps into the nostalgic interests of former students and alumni monetizing for schools a valuable but dormant asset- old class, team, club photos.  The old photos are sitting in old yearbooks gathering dust in library and on Principals bookshelves ready to be digitized (i.e.- photographed), uploaded, archived and made available for purchase by those in the photos- and their relatives.


The service also enables former students and alumni to search and download these old school photos that represent their personal scholastic, academic and athletic history as represented in the official school group photos they posed for as students.  These old photos can come to life when reanimated in the user’s own Facebook timeline and by tagging friends and are stored in the purchasers own dedicated Class Photo Fund photo album within their Facebook profile (in effect, creating a personal digital archive of his or her old K-12 photos).


A key component of Class Photo Fund is our high payout of revenue to schools and their related school organizations.  For each $2.50/download sold, 40% is automatically paid to the school in the photo and 40% is paid to person/entity that uploads a purchased photo.  Uploading a photo includes providing metadata associated with that photo (year, school, town, state, activity). This work forms the basis to create our searchable archive of thousands of old class photos, club photos and team photos.


Utilizing the power of crowdsourcing and online social networks, our motivation for this service is to provide a scalable fundraising platform to help augment school budgets that are under increased pressure and to provide a scalable fundraising model for schools and organizations associated with schools (i.e. PTA/PTOs, booster clubs, reunion committees, alumni associations). 


By working closely with schools to source, categorize and upload these old photos into a searchable database, schools and PTAs that upload old photos- perhaps sourced from yearbooks in the school library, can collect up to $2/photo downloaded and purchased (80% of gross revenue on each photo).  Our objective is that Class Photo Fund will provide hundreds of millions of dollars annually to schools in America over the next few years. 

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