About Us

Class Photo Fund evolved from Peter & Michelle Nordberg’s desire to find alternative and more productive fundraising ideas for their kids’ NYC public school and its PTA. Recognizing the fun and appeal of old school photos on Facebook, the founders endeavored to create a fundraising platform to enable schools to utilize the legacy archival assets that sit dormant in the old yearbooks in school libraries and Principal offices.

Class Photo Fund is owned by Donator Networks LLC. Similar in mandate to a Benefit Corporation (B-Corp), Donator Networks was established to create for-profit enterprises and business models that allocate cash proceeds, resources or revenue streams to segments of society not well organized to help themselves. Class Photo Fund is the first operation built and financed by Donator Networks and serves to demonstrate how progressive incentive structures combined with contemporary business models can benefit schools.

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Via email- info@classphotofund.com

Putting FUN into School Fundraising